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  • Blog 1 - Feb 5th 2020

  • As a business owner, you are affected by the choices made by government in a number of ways. The business tax rules change – you have to adapt; labour regulations are amended – you have to adjust; that’s not to mention any changes to personal taxes, industry standards, and the list goes on. It’s hard enough to run a business, but then to keep up with the everchanging policies and regulations can feel like a mammoth task.


    For a business owner to even consider adding on the extra burden of advocating for the policies that best support their business and employees is borderline absurdity. However, without someone advocating on behalf of the business community, owners can end up feeling like puppets – constantly having to react to someone else’s whims.


    This is actually part of the reason why Chambers of Commerce were created. From a larger perspective, the purpose of chambers is to support local (be that regional, provincial, or country-wide) businesses. The most commonly known part of that is to provide networking opportunities, yet as the organization grows its ability to support its members grows alongside it. Advocating on behalf of chamber members with government and other organizations becomes a critical role for growing chambers.


    The Okotoks & District Chamber of Commerce has gone through a series of changes over the past number of years and is now at the place where we can prioritize advocating to government on behalf of our members. This is an exciting new step in the service that we can provide and is why we have now hired Alex Zabel as Policy Coordinator. One of her first priorities is running a committee intended to identify areas of municipal, provincial, and federal policy that are a hinderance to doing business. From there, she will research, develop, and advocate for the policies that the committee recognizes as priorities – a critical piece of grassroots policy development.  


    This new position is a clear demonstration of the growth of the Okotoks Chamber, and our commitment to serving our members at the highest level possible. We are a community organization dedicated to bringing business together and supporting the community, and policy advocacy is another way that we can serve our members.


    If you’re interested in hearing more about, or participating in, the Business Advocacy Committee, or if you have any questions or comments, please contact policy@okotokschamber.ca.

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