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    Nominees must be a member in good standing of the Okotoks & District Chamber of Commerce. Please refer to the criteria for nominating. Please check one category per nomination. To nominate a business in multiple award categories, please use separate forms. Nominations consisting of more than one category will be deemed unacceptable.
    Business of the Year (2 Awards) up to 6 Employees - 7+ Employees
    Business of the Year Award (two awards) Recognizes one large business (7+ employees) and one small business (up to 6 employees) for overall business excellence. Eligible businesses must have been in operation for over 3 years in the public sector. ♣ Considered by both the community and employees to be an outstanding employer ♣ A reputation for consistently excellent service ♣ Prominently involved in the community ♣ Environmental responsibility and sound employee relations Additional considerations include: ♣ Innovative approach to technology, products and services ♣ Company growth through creative marketing techniques
    New Business of the Year ( 2 Awards) up to 6 Employees - 7 + Employees
    Recognizes one large business (7+ employees) and one small business (up to 6 employees) for overall business excellence. The business must have been open less than 1 year and has outstanding service, products and value. Consideration will be shown for business that demonstrates community involvement and is an outstanding employer.
    Home Based Business (1 Award)
    Awarded to a business venture, which operates from a residence, that demonstrates excellence in the quality of service and products supplied. Must have been operating for two or more years.
    Outstanding Customer Service (2 Awards) - Business (1 Award) Individual (1 Award)
    Recognizes one team (management and staff) and one individual for excellence in customer service. These awards will recognize a continual commitment to the success of their business through outstanding service to their clients by going above and beyond.
    Not For Profit (1 Award)
    Recognizes an organization that has made an outstanding contribution to the community while maintaining or establishing a reputation for delivering exceptional programs and services that have a significant social impact. This organization demonstrates a commitment to volunteers, employees and partners, corporate citizenship and community leadership.
    Community Impact Award (1)
    This award recognizes businesses that are leaders in finding ways of doing business while doing good for the community. This business sees community investment as a core part of the company's values and continuously provides support to assist "local" initiatives.
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