• Okotoks & District Chamber of Commerce will be providing small/medium businesses the ability to obtain complimentary COVID-19 Rapid Testing Kits for workplace screening of employees. You can apply below as a Chamber Member for access to test kits for you and your staff.
    PLEASE NOTE: Test kits are for staffing purposes ONLY and can not be used to grant non-vaccinated customer/patron entrance into your place of business.
  • The Okotoks & District Chamber of Commerce is partnering with the Government of Alberta and Alberta Chamber of Commerce on a Rapid Testing Program that will make rapid antigen testing kits available to our members.

    The purpose of the program is to give businesses an opportunity to access rapid testing kits to help keep employees safe and reduce the spread of COVID-19.


    Below are the most frequently asked questions about the program:


    Who is eligible to receive testing kits from the Chamber?

    • Organizations require an active Okotoks & District Chamber of Commerce membership to be eligible.

    How do Organizations obtain rapid testing kits?

    • Organizations need to do the following to obtain rapid testing kits: 
      1. Complete and submit the online form. This will then be signed off by the Chamber. 
      2. Once the Chamber has test kits available, a member of the Chamber’s team will contact organizations to schedule a pick-up time. 
      3. Once a pick-up time is scheduled, kits can be picked up from the Okotoks Chamber office at 14 MacRae Street, Okotoks.
      4. Participating organizations must report weekly each Monday using this form on the Chamber’s website. 

    How do I submit weekly reporting?

    • Participating organizations must report results of the tests, every Monday to the Chamber through this form.

    Is there a cost for testing kits?

    • No. There is no cost to eligible organizations for testing kits.

    Who should the tests be administered to?  

    • The Rapid Testing Program provides access to rapid test kits for organizations with employees that frequently enter the workplace. 
    • Tests should not be administered to symptomatic individuals, as they should be directed to obtain a PCR test through AHS. 
    • Individuals who have been vaccinated may receive a screening test. 

    Who should the tests be administered by?  

    • A medical professional is not required to administer rapid tests. Simply watch the instructional video and follow instructions included with the testing kits.  

    How often should tests be administered? 

    • Organizations must conduct screening tests either once or twice weekly, but no less frequently than once weekly. 
    • Tests may not be used on an as-needed or a one-time basis.  

    How long does it take to get the results of the test?

    • Test results take 15-20 minutes to process. Business should also account for the time taken to administer the test.

    What will be in my test kit? 

    • The test kits include Abbott Panbio nasal swabs. 
    • Test kits include 25 tests – we cannot send partial kits. 

    If I administer rapid tests regularly, can I reduce other safety measures? 

    • Testing does not supplement or replace public heath measures such as symptom monitoring, physical distancing, masking, hand hygiene, and isolating when symptomatic or a close contact to a confirmed case. 
    • Please continue to follow all public health guidelines as communicate by Alberta Health Services.  

    How long is the program available for? 

    • The program will run until it is no longer needed, and will conclude no later than December 31, 2021.  

    What do I do with unused tests? 

    • Organization must return all unused kits to the Chamber by January 7, 2022. Please contact office@okotokschamber.ca to arrange return of unused tests.  

    Is there a limit to how many kits I can order at once? 

    • We request each organization order a month’s supply at a time.  
    • To estimate the number of tests you will need, take your number of employees, multiply by number of times you want to administer tests each week (recommended is twice weekly), multiply by four weeks.  
    • For example, if you have 10 employees, and will administer tests to each person 2 times per week, multiply by 4 weeks per month (10 x 2 x 4). Your approximate monthly supply would be 80 tests. Since test kits come in packs of 25, you can order 4 kits.  

    Will the Government of Alberta or the Okotoks & District Chamber of Commerce offer a similar program for vaccinations? 

    • There will not be a similar program for vaccines as vaccines require a medical professional to administer. 

    The Chamber was out of testing kits. How long before I receive my order? 

    • We understand re-order with the Government of Alberta takes 3 – 4 business days. Someone from the Chamber will contact you to arrange pick-up as soon as a new supply of testing kits is available.  

    What if the business requires a modification to the agreement? 

    • If the business requires a change to the agreement, they should contact the Government of Alberta directly by emailing rapidtesting@gov.ab.ca